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I bought 2 Hercules power str st205/75R15/8ply 2 years ago thinking they would be made in USA since there a us company owed by cooper tires. The man at the tire store said even the Carlisle are made in china. He even showed me, all his trailer tires were from china what is the country coming to when all the tires come from china ? I only have 20,000 miles on them and there two third's wore out. I paid 58.64 each his other option were hi- runs for 41.00 each. He said these would last longer then the Hi-run. I thank a radial tire should last... Read more

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I came on here because the net heading on this site said that all Hercules tires are made in China. Who ever posted that is full of it. Cooper Tire makes them. They are one of only TWO U.S. owned tire companies that exist today. (Firestone was bought out by the Japanese company Bridgestone back in the 1980's. They also make tires here in the U.S., but are Japanese owned. I know because I built their tire machines at two different U.S. plants.) I have Hercules tires on a Dodge Challenger (V rated, for those who understand what that means.) and... Read more

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It would be nice if they made 32-11.50r15 Add comment

I bought two tires for my jeep and they have been great. Add comment

Bought 6 Hercules tires for my class A rv. 2 front tires were found out of round coming from factory by a Hercules dealer. After many phone calls, and 4 months of waiting for someone to look at these tires, they decided to only give me the dealer cost of one tire, which was one sixty one sixty two. To replace both tires cost me four hundred and twenty dollars. So needless to say I don't recommend Hercules tires and there warranty not worth the paper its written on. Review by very unhappy customer. Read more

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Purchased these tires less than 6 months ago for my Honda Sedan 2010- past 6 weeks noticed front end very unstable - had balanced and with days went right back - went to dealership alignment good - told me it was the tires. Heading back to where I bought them - last set of tires lasted 5 years and 50,000 miles - would not recommend these at all. Afraid to do any highway driving - car running very rough. Wasn't worth the small savings. Read more

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Just so you are aware. I am veteran of the tire industry for 16 years and would like to explain that the Ironman imove is not a Hercules tire it is an Ironman tire. These tires are owned by the same company, but built in two different factories. The Ironman product is built in Japan. Please do not associate these two tires together. I have Hercules tires on my car and they are absolutely magnificent. I have driven on thousands of different tires and will purchase Hercules for next set of tires. I would never deceive anyone when it comes to... Read more

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I put a set of 235-75 r15 AT 2's on my tacoma at the recommendation of the tire shop. They handle great on and off road, look good, and had a rebate. What's not to like? Add comment

I had the original installer balance my new Hercules Tires three times and they couldn't get it right. I took the van to another shop and #4 balance was better but still not like the Michelin Harmony tires I had on there before. What a big mistake trading down from Michelin to Hercules. I am outside of my 30 day ride guarantee now so I am stuck with tires I am not happy with. They vibrate at higher speeds and the other reviews I heard about Hercules has me wondering whether I just want to pull them off and put Michelin back on there. Read more

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Had Hercules H-902 on a 5th wheel. Not overloaded, in fact, a very easy job for a tire that claims such a high working load. Then on a clean, dry interstate in Kentucky the tire comes apart. Sounded like a gun going off. No problem with truck tires or tire behind failed tire. Big problems with 5th wheel fender skirts. Torn to shreds. Problem is that I bought the tires on line (EBAY). Tires are low mileage. I did get a response from company from which I bought the tires. They sold the line to another company and wants nothing to do with my... Read more

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