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Horrible is all I can say and I will never deal with this company again,I got totally ripped off

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I am currently in the process of replacing the 3rd of 4 tires purchased . Every one of the tires has tread separation issue . They were bought at Reids tires in Apache junction AZ. The name of the tires is Hercules THE use is about 15 miles daily They are 2yr old. Need to know what you are to do as l was advised to contact the manufacturer of the tires. The same problem with each tire is questionable Circe JAMES. 480 - 671 - 6776. Read more

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My mechanic recommended these. Has them on his own truck he says. They're a little loud but great tires he says. I drive a PT Cruiser. They are loud. They look bad. They pull you all over the road. Now obly 10k miles later this! They are dangerous and now have to buy tires again.

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Bought set of 4 LT265/70R17's approx 2011/12. Have almost 50k mi's with ZERO problems!

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Have new winter ones on my Hyundi they werent good on hiway winter road conditions and woré uneavenly took car for wheel alienment thinking that was the problem but alignment was good so tires sucked ,am buying Hankooks foe it after running the ironman ones only 8 months

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I work and on cars daily. I tend to see these a lot. I will give them some decent words. I personally would not put them on my car. Most models I've worked with needed little to a lot of weight to balance out on Hunter GSP9700. I've seen them last to 2/32 and separated within 6k miles. If you're in a budget I would maybe recommend. Lol.

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I bought a used class C 31' RV with brand new Ironman tires. After about 5K miles had a catastrophic blowout on an interior rear dually resulting in minor chassis damage. After 10K, had severe tread separation on the front driver tire which luckily was caught before a blowout or else an accident may have resulted. This was not a heat or pressure issue since I have a TireMinder TPS system. The tires are also covered during storage, and there was... Read more

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Bought a set of 4 a year ago. Have had three tires to separate. 1st at 3 months. 2nd at 7 months. And 3rd at 11 months. Replaced the first two with same hercules tires. 1st was pro rated. Not going to try any more. I have had it with these sorry excuse for tires. Worst tires I have ever paid good money for. Putting on 4 new tires and going to trash the remaining three thats on the truck. They would not make a good tire swing hanging from a tree.... Read more

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Kevin Donathan really helps me resolve all of my vehicle needs. This man has a lot of knowledge about tires and mechanical issues. He is a real asset to Hercules tires. Paul White

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got a set of trail digger 5 months ago about 5500 miles on them like them till today a hard piece od plastic stated come out the side wall and 2 sales rep happen to be at the tire dealer when I went they aint nuttin but dumbasses it look to me and the man that put the tires on that is was molded in to the tire they said I ran over something looks bad either way to me that it was molded in the tire are that there so junky that plastic can go... Read more

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