I had the original installer balance my new Hercules Tires three times and they couldn't get it right. I took the van to another shop and #4 balance was better but still not like the Michelin Harmony tires I had on there before.

What a big mistake trading down from Michelin to Hercules.

I am outside of my 30 day ride guarantee now so I am stuck with tires I am not happy with. They vibrate at higher speeds and the other reviews I heard about Hercules has me wondering whether I just want to pull them off and put Michelin back on there.

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Redding, California, United States #1229395

I was having the same issues with a new set of ironman tires. started vibrating at high speed and pulling to the right on my 2 yr old car.

i went back and forth to 4 different shops. the original place would only balance or rotate them. the alignment shop said its subframe. the dealership said it tires, due to alignment is good.

the other tire shop tested the tires and discovered that 2 tires were out of round. It took some research before I discovered Hercules made ironman imove.

And now I am having a problem even finding the exact tire that was put on my car. the specs don't match anything through any dealer who even carries ironman with is not very many places.


In my experience, Michelin is way over-rated. They are hard, they get dry rot cracks, and they cost 2-3x more than other tires with similar treadwear, temperature, and traction ratings.

In fairness, I am a retailer and we sell literally every brand of tire but our customers who go with Hercules have been very satisfied. I'd say we sell about 400-500 of them per year and, so far, only one customer has ever complained and their car was completely worn out (worn suspension and out of alignment) so we couldn't really help them.


I am on my 2nd set of Hercules Tour 4.0 tire and they Vibrate at high speeds too. They said it was my CV Joints but I took to my Mechanic and he said it was tires.

Now the Tire place dont want to handle it. So mad rite now.

Worst tires ever. Never had problem ever before.

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